Olive Forged Three Knife Set
  • Olive Forged Three Knife Set

    SKU: K71

    This set of three lightweight knives have forged high carbon steel blades, and the comfortable Olive handle scales are attached to the full tang with six 2.5mm brass pins.


    Large Knife K71a:           Blade measurements 187mm x 47mm x 1.5mm

                                                   Overall length 300mm

                                                   Weight 123g


    Medium Knife K71b:      Blade measurements 138mm x 36mm x 1.5mm

                                                   Overall length 243mm

                                                   Weight 183g


    Small Knife K71c:            Blade measurements 97mm x 28mm x 1.5mm

                                                   Overall length 195mm

                                                   Weight 59g


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