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Lightweight Medieval Serving Set
  • Lightweight Medieval Serving Set

    SKU: H181

    This set of three lightweight medieval style serving knives have 15N20 high carbon forged and polished steel blades, and are hafted in brushed and flame treated Hardwood. They are ideal for reenactment, but also wouldn't look out of place in a modern kitchen

    These knives can be purchased separately (please see H181a, H181b and H181c)


    Large Knife H181a:

    Blade measurements 215mm x 52mm x 1.5mm

    Overall length 340mm

    Weight 121g


    Medium Knife H181b:

    Blade measurements 153mm x 38mm x 1.5mm

    Overall length 270mm

    Weight 76g


    Small Knife H181c:

    Blade measurements 95mm x 25mm x 1.5mm

    Overall length 195mm

    Weight 46g

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