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We produce a wide range of practical and durable handmade knives. Using quality materials, every aspect of these knives is individually hand crafted by us here in the East of England, from the blades to the handles and even the pins.

Each one is unique, but please feel free to enquire about stock that has been sold as it may be possible to produce something similar.

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It’s an absolutely beautiful knife! I’m in love with it. It’s a perfect fit & weight in my hand, and I already love the patina in the handle, which I know will improve w use. I appreciate the craftsmanship.

Alicia B - USA

Many thanks Charlie, for making such a practical and beautiful crafting tool, and thanks too to Ricki for the admin and giggles!!

Julie C - UK

I bought a leather knife and a pen knife from you at the wood show in Haughley.
I am really enjoying using both of them.

In particular the leather knife is the best I have used.
It also retains its edge very well.Many thanks for a great product

David C - UK


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Please get in touch if you have any queries or would like to commission a unique knife or project. 


Email: vknives2@gmail.com

Tel: 01206 391419